About submit New Fangames

About Tags

  • Make sure to read the following definitions before tagging.

    We'll remove tags that are not fit for what your game is.

    • Adventure: A game with traps, gimmicks, or stories. If there is a boss after platforming don't use the 'Boss' tag.
    • Needle: A game filled with a lot of needle. For instance triggers, L-games, 100Floors.
    • Avoidance: A game you dodge the attacks synced to music for a limited time.
    • ※If there is a short one in platforming or needle it's included in 'Adventure'.
    • ※If a boss has no music it's 'Boss'.
    • Boss: A game that is boss(es) only, or consists of needle + boss(es).
    • Puzzle: A game that has things like pushable blocks or riddles.
    • Medley: A game that takes a whole screen from other games and combines them all into one game.
    • Special: A game that has a different physics compared to most fangames, or something like minigames. Games not made with GameMaker are also included.
    • Engine: An engine for GameMaker, such as gmk, gms or gmz.
    • Tool: A tool that helps you to code / make a thing, or something like reading practice tools.

Prohibited Acts

  • Submitting a private game without getting their permission to do it.
  • Submitting an edited game of other game made by using decompiler or some such thing(Remake and Medley are allowed).
  • Submitting tools that let ones to cheat.
  • Spoofing and submitting as someone by using their name(If your name is the same with already existing person it's fine).
  • Trying to annoy anyone.
  • Submission of works that contain elements which are generally considered to be offensive to public order and morals.
  • For example, works that contain discriminatory content, horror which goes beyond the bounds of common sense, and works which contain grotesque content.
  • Other works deemed inappropriate by the management, or works by authors deemed inappropriate, may be deleted without prior notice.