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The quality of this game may not be very good, but it can play a little program effect. 2021/08/02 Rearrange the layout of the first stage 2021/08/04 Added some tiles and reduced some traps Fixed some bugs and Reset level layout 2021/08/05 Fixed some bugs and added some traps 2021/08/05 Fixed some bugs , Update ReadMe and Added some Sounds 2021/08/06 Added a trap 2021/08/06 Added some Traps and a Trap room 2021/08/06 Fixed some bugs 2021/08/06 Fixed a bug 2021/08/07 Fixed some bug 2021/08/08 Fixed some bugs 2021/08/09 Fixed some bugs and Modify the opening screen 2021/08/10 Fixed some bugs 2021/08/11 Added some traps 2021/08/12 Fixed some bugs and added some traps 2021/08/13 Fixed a fatal bug 2021/08/13 Major update 2021/08/17 Major update 2021/08/18 Fixed a bug 2021/08/19 Fixed a bug 2021/08/31 Major Update......?