Public  I Wanna Try To DJ This Party: An Appreciation Universe Story

Release Date:2024/04/10
Last updated:2024/04/11



Hey! This is the (finally) finished version of the Shortventure game I made for the 2023 Shortventure Event!

I'll ramble a bit later, but included are a "solutions.txt" file and a "Cryptogram Solver" spreadsheet which will make a lot more sense once you get playing. ;)

The theme of the event was "resources", and while the in-game tie-in to the theme was.. a bit of a stretch, I also took the opportunity to look at the theme from a more meta standpoint and, for the most part (aside from the music which I pulled from purple-planet), all of the game's non-default resources (audio, sprites, backgrounds, etc) are all done by me! :D

It's quite a departure from my normal stuff, but I'm really proud of how it turned out. I realize it may not be for everyone, but as long as some people enjoy it, that's fine by me.